Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Reality Check!

Living in a world created by the author is fun and enjoyable. You come to believe whatever is depicted in the book, you start to imagine that these things can happen in real life.

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell is a book that easily qualifies as one of my favourite books. The reasons might be the sweet and funny friendship between the characters and also the love story that keeps playing all throughout the book.

This is not a Book Review, it is almost a Reality check that I seem to have had in the past few days. I have mentioned this book in particular, to show that not everything in this world is the same as is written in story books.

In the book, the female character has a strong crush on a guy , who is way too good looking and cute. He is someone who works at her office but they don't know each other. However , this girl seems to have spotted him and falls hard for this guy even though she has no idea who he is, what he is like.
This boy on the other hand (as known to readers) is an absolute gentleman and is the perfect guy that you could fall in love with.

The reality check comes here. I too had an encounter with a guy who is exceedingly good looking and way too handsome to be real! Unlike in the book, where the guy knows about the girl and the girl knows nothing about the guy. In my case it is the exact reverse. Certain turn of events revealed that this guy isn't anything of a dream guy. The face and the personality just does not match. Its absolutely different and almost hard to believe.
All I am trying to say is, even though in the book the girl falls for someone without knowing about him and the guy turns out to be a gem of a person, in reality that doesn't seem to be the way. In real life people cannot fall for anyone without knowing each and every minute details about the person.

Story books deport us to a world that is light hearted and care free. To imagine that events, similar to what is written in the books can happen in your life is foolish. Having said that, I must mention yet again that Attachments by Rainbow Rowell is an absolute fun read. I enjoyed every bit of the book and it has connected with me in ways I cannot explain.

Do give this book a try!

With Love


  1. Nice i think i have to read all books.


    1. Yes, do read the book. Amazing author!