Thursday, 30 April 2015

Z for Zeal

It’s all within us. We just need to find it. The power to achieve, the hunger to conquer lies within. In this vast world, we might be lost at times, situations maybe crop up wherein you feel you are nothing, that life is a waste. 
In those times you need to keep calm and think patiently as to what is your dream, what is that goal you have been wanting to achieve since you were a child, why have you worked so hard till now, what is it that matters the most.
These questions will unveil the truth, it will shed light upon the things that are closest to your heart and it will lead you towards a happy, wonderful life.

Coming to the end of anther years writing challenge, I feel satisfied for having made it till the very end. Blogging is all about expressing your ideas and thoughts, how you feel about something, your sole prospective. This challenge has helped my blog, since so many people from different parts of the world have read it and appreciated the work done. Had it not been for this challenge, this blog would not have reached the people that it did.

Thank you A to Z challenge for this opportunity. And kudos to all those bloggers who took up this challenge and survived till the very end. Cheers to you all!

With Love,


  1. I love your thoughts on this , it's so hard to hold onto dreams when times are tough but that's really when you need them most. And I'm in awe of the collective thinking that this blogging challenge inspires... Congrats on finishing!

    @Get Lost in Lit

  2. Thank you so much for participating in the A to Z Challenge! You rock! Congrats on getting to the letter Z! Reminder: there will be an A to Z Reflections round on May 4th. There will be a Linky for it on the main blog, so please look for it there! Please post your reflections on the challenge, visit others, and catch up on the blogs you didn't have time to read!

    Team Macha, Helping Co-Host Zalka
    Maui Jungalow